Kill The Zombies RELEASED, download it for FREE

Hey guys!

The long wait is over, Kill the zombies is here!

Come on! download it now, its free!

This is the first release, there will be updates soon with new amazing features! just aks here what you would like to see so we can add it to our priority list!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do while developing it!

Kill The Zombies Promo 1Kill The Zombies Promo 2

About Gloobus

Gloobus sutdio is Indie Game Developer working in titles like Escape From Husband and Kill The Zombies
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4 Responses to Kill The Zombies RELEASED, download it for FREE

  1. David says:

    Is there a place to download the song that plays during the main menu? I absolutely love it. And my only complaint with the game so far its if a zombie has broken into pieces, at times I’m grabbing dead pieces instead of zombies i want to grab.

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