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Gloobus Studio is a small compay founded by Jordi Puigdellívol at 2007, it started developing the now famous linux application Gloobus-Preview and Covergloobus. It was a long road but we got it finally working, and working really well.

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After that, the Android world came and we decided to start working on it, this is when we started building games since it was a really apasionant world, where there are a lot of things to learn and improve.

Our Games

Save The Earth - Alien Shooter

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Our goal is to be allways learning new things, and learning them by doing the best we can. This webpage will be our reference to the world, to find the news in the blog, where we will talk aobut how development things go, so you can learn something from our experience.

You can check some reviews of our games at PlayAndroid , Fettspielen.de and at AndroidShock