[NEW GAME] Save The Earth – Alien Shooter

Hey guys, some time since I last talked to you, we have been really busy developing our new game, but it’s finally here, and we believe you will like it as we do!


The alien zombies have devoured their last planet and they’re searching for new ones to destroy.
Luckily, our super hero is here to defend our precious Earth against them.
A retro 2D sci-fi shooter with more than 30 incredible and funny weapons and utilities, like teleportation utilities, lighting bolts, super beams, missiles and more!
Endless Armageddon that will take you through 4 different parts of the world where you will be forced to combat monsters in an excitedly terrifying battle for life and death on Earth!

Save The Earth is a side-scrolling arcade shooter which will put you in control of a young, but very courageous and powerful super hero! The objective; defend the Earth from a race of blood-thirsty aliens whom have been traveling from planet to planet, sucking the life out of everything living. In this action-packed, super-adventure, it’s your mission to save the Earth and ultimately destroy the destructive alien creeps with an arsenal of weapons and super powers. Prepare yourself, as these monsters call nowhere home. Their population is vast and it’s headed right for Earth! Everyone you’ve ever known is now relying on you to fend off a devastating attack from space. Will you accept the mission?


☆ Destroy thousands of zombie alien monsters and defend the earth from a galaxy invasion with our cute and adorable super hero.
☆ Use the super special weapons and superpowers to fight and combat the demons from outer space. Hours of fun and action shooting in this non-stop side-scrolling defense game.
☆ For the ones who love retro 2d arcade games with innovative weapons systems, ‘Save The Earth’ combines strategy and physics into a mayhem scrolling game.
☆ Combat the bosses like your favorite superhero would, with cool and fun science fiction weapons such as super beams, lightning bolts, and worm holes or defeat the foe with real weapons such as homing missiles, rockets, fire and much more!
☆ From the creators of ☢Kill The Zombies☢ castle/tower defense game, with more than 450.000 downloads around!


– Destroy thousands of life-leeching aliens and defend the earth from a galaxy invasion with our super awesome super hero!

– Choose from over 30 items and combine up to 5 of your favorite items, weapons, or super powers to defeat the alien scum with awesome weapon combos!

– Hours of fun and action-packed replay value in this non-stop world defense game. To top it off, challenge your friends and other players from around the world with Swarm leaderboards!

– For the ones who love retro 2d arcade games with the innovative weapons system, Save The Earth combines strategy, physics, and an awesome theme into a thrilling side-scrolling shooter.

– Combat alien bosses like your favorite super hero would, with cool and fun science-fiction and real-fiction weapons such as fireballs, homing missiles, storm lighting, rockets, worm holes, teleportation, and much more!

– Fight your way through four different locations on Earth, including the city, the desert, the glaciers, and eventually work your way through the atmosphere and take the fight to space!


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Romantic And Sex Coupons app available on google play

Hi guys!

We’ve developed a new app called Romantic And Sex Coupons, and it is available on google play for free!


Romantic and sex coupons

It comes with four vouchers categories, romantic, sexual, naughty and others and you can find a great variety of fun and interesting coupons.

Download it now, and surprise your partner with those amazing coupons, we’re sure you will love them!

We’re all ears for addin new coupons so if you have any idea send us an email at hello @ gloobus.net and we will add it in further updates!

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Kill The Zombies Theme and Game Music

Somebody asked for the theme song of the game, and I think it can be really good for you to have them, plug them on your smartphone and listen to them all day till your ears start bleeding!!!



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Baby Zombie

After two weeks of Kill The Zombies release we’re proud to anounce that we have 21.000 installation of the game! we’re very happy with it, we also were in the top new free section for a day! that was really amazing.

Since it is going pretty well we are working on it so hard to bring you the new features we talked about, and here is a little peek of what is coming next… the BABY ZOMBIE!


No more details by now, but stay tunned for the next update!

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Kill The Zombies RELEASED, download it for FREE

Hey guys!

The long wait is over, Kill the zombies is here!

Come on! download it now, its free!


This is the first release, there will be updates soon with new amazing features! just aks here what you would like to see so we can add it to our priority list!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do while developing it!

Kill The Zombies Promo 1Kill The Zombies Promo 2

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Sex Roulette Update

Sex Roulette IconHey Guys, I’ve done a great update to Sex Roulette, I’ve switched from using the android views and drawables to using Andengine so it runs really smoother and of thanks to it I could add some new features as nice popup and animations,

Another thing I did is to add a positions list and description, so you can find directly in the app how to do that sex position and how to get the maximum pleasure from there

I would like to ask you would you like the app to have so I can add it in newer releases and we all can enjoy it more,

Here you have a couple of screenshots and the description:

Sex Roulette PromoDo you want to improve your sex life?

Let the roulette tell you where and how to have sex every night with Kamasutra positions and with some tips and tricks

There are many possible combinations!
Are you ready to do them all?

* Finger spin the wheel
* 12 positions and 12 places
* Free mode where you can add whatever you want at the roulette
* Positions descriptions and tips and tricks

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Game developement performance tips and tricks

These days we’ve been dealing with performance in our game kill the zombies so it is able to run smoothly on older devices, so I wanted to share some tricks with you, some of this tools are Andengine/android related, but the main idea is aplicable to all languages and plataforms.

1. Coding

The first thing to know is that while coding you can apply some rules to all your methods and clases so they are more efficient, this will not affect the performance so much, but in games, even a couple of FPS are very important for the final usr experience.

A thing that improves the performance a lot are the static methods, static methods are those that don’t use any class specific variable, so they can be called without instantiating an object, so if you have a class that has a util function more than a class function, define it as static.

Second thing, use finals allways you can, a final variable is that one that will not be modified, I mean, you can call object methods and change object vars, but you can’t reassing that object to another, it means that the object you instantiate there will be allways that object. In this case, the compiler can optimitzate the code so much.

A very clear way to use the final word, is in function parameters, they don’t usually change in the function itself so you can do it almost in every function.

Use enchanced for loop synaxt, instead of using the classic

for(int i = 0; i< whatever;i++)

use the enchanced for

for(myObject object : myObjectArray)

This for is 3x faster than the normal one.

And finally, use double instead of floats, and instead of ints that will be divided. The compiler computes faster with doubles than floats (Depending on the processor) and for ints, they have to b converted first, then divide, and then converted back (Depending on processors too), so if you want performance, it is better to use doubles


2. Pooling

One of the biggest bottlenecks are the object creation, so you must avoid it inside the game! completely avoid it!! (there is on exception I’ll talk abou it later)

And how to avoid the creation of new objects? easy, recycling them, in andengine there is a GenericPool class especially done for it.

For example in our game, we have stars that have to be collected to buy items, the stars are allways the same, each zombie you kill give you some stars, as the zombies keep apearing, we don’t need to create 1 star for each zombie, we can just create 10 stars, and reuse them. The same for the zombies, weapons, particles.. everything that appears and disapears in the game can be pooled so we don’t have any NEW OBJECT in the update thread

This leads to another thing, preload everything before starting the game, so create all the objects you need and recycle them in the load part of the game, so while playing anything is created, you have it all in memory.

3. Profiling

Finally, the most important thing when you want to improve performance, is to know where the bottlenecks are. To know that you can use a tool, eclipse for examples gives you a good one Traceview with this tool you can see exactly how much cpu time uses each function/class or whatever, this way you can track what is consuming more in you game and go straight to it to improve it.

Another great tool is the Allocation tracker so you can see exactly if there are objects created in you update thread and you can fix them or just add them in a pool so you can recycle them.

I hope this post helps you, and of course, if you have any question, let us know about it, in the other hand, if you know more tips or tricks, tell us and we will do another post with them all

See u!


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Gloobus Preview for Ubuntu 12.04

I must give thanks to Webup8 for this post, all this is their work and you can see the original post here:


Gloobus Preview was recently fixed so it now works with Ubuntu 12.04 too. Besides the Ubuntu 12.04 fix, the latest Gloobus Preview from BZR comes with GTK3 support, support for password-protected documents, a rewritten documents plugin, WebM support, fixed ttf, pdf and video plugins and other fixes.


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gloobus-dev/gloobus-preview 
 sudo apt-get update 
 sudo apt-get install gloobus-preview gloobus-sushi 

For the oppenoffice documents to work, you should install unoconv too

sudo apt-get install unoconv


Use it with Marlin

the file manager that will be used by default in elementary OS, can also use Gloobus Preview. To set Marlin to use Gloobus Preview, install Dconf-Editor:

sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

Then launch Dconf-Editor, navigate to apps > marlin > preferencesand set “/usr/bin/gloobus-preview” for the previewer-path. Then, just like in Nautilus, use the SPACE key to quickly preview files.


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Game development using free tools (Part 3)

Here comes the third part of the Game Developement using free tools! here comes the createive part, grafics and sounds!


I believe that graphics are one of the most important things in almost any software, the look and feel of a game or an app says a lot about it, when building gloobus preview I wanted it to be really sexy, and I think the same when doing games.

There are a lot of great games out there, but a lot of them have very poor graphics, and this leads to the users not downloading the app, or even don’t read the description, so my advice here, if you are going to develop a game USE GOOD GRAPHICS

I’ve been lucky that since I was a child, I liked drawing and painting (you can see my gallery at jordihp.deviantart.com) I love it and its a really funny part when creating a game, even I’m not the best drawer or animator out there, I’m a normal one… I pretty happy on how my games graphics went, and when people sees them says: You did that? This makes me really happy too 😀

Inkscape LogoSo going for the tools, for all the graphics I used Inkscape. When I first used it i din’t like, I came from Photoshop and inkscape was really diferent, I never used a vectorial drawing app, so I didn’t understand a lot of time, but, after reading some tutorials on interent, I started to feel confident using it and i felt that I could create good things with it, and you can see that all the graphics from “Escape from Husband” and “Kill the zombies” are done using inkscape!!

What I love the most of inkscape is that is vectorial, so the graphics can be as bigger as I want without losing any resolution on it, so I can do the HD wihout having to redaw anything 😀

I don’t know why, but I love much more Inkscape than Adobe Illustrator, I use Illustrator at my work and I can’t get used to it, inkscape is much more easy and functional to use, so if you are gonna use a vectorial software I recomend you to try out inkscape, I’m sure you will love it as much as I do!



Here comes one of the hardest things for me, and the one I couln’t completely do with free tools, so I hope you can tell me a good solution here.

Since I was 16yo I started playing the guitar, and having a punk rock band, so thanks to that I know a bit about music and composing, so how do I compose the music? I sit down on my sofa with my guitar on my hands, and the magic comes!!

The tool that I use to digitalize the music is TuxGuitar!Tux Guitar Logo



Tux guitar is really good for learning to play the guitar, it uses midi and you can write your songs there, using the notes or just using the tablatures (this is faster for me) and I can translate what I play with the guitar directly to the computer.

I usually have 6 tracks, Bass, Drums, Solo, Ambiance, Piano, Other (flute, guitar depending on the song), sometimes I can have more, and sometimes less, depending on the mood of the game/song.

As I said it creates a midi, and a midi is really poor for a game, it sounds like 80’s games, wich is good for some kind of games, but not for the games I did. For playing midi a synthetizer is needed, and each computer/os has its own leading to that the song was diferent in windows, mac os, linux, android… and of course, that is not what I wanted, I wanted that my songs played the same on any android device, and with the mood I wanted, so the next step was to create an mp3 with a good syntethizer. This is the only part I couln’t do with a free tool.. i had to use Garageband so have a good drums, bass, piano sounds…… so if any of you know a free tool for doing this step I would be really thankful with him!!


So thats all for today, I’ll publish the part 4 in a few days talking about the marketing plan, I hope you enjoyed it!

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Game development using free tools (Part 2)

Hi again, I’m gonna continue with the game development process, and using free tools!

We talked about Libre Office for writing the game things, about ArgoUML to design the game, and about Bitbucket to have our code versioned.

So we’re gonna continue with step 3:


Since I’m talking about free and open source software, I chosed Android plataform to write my game, and since I don’t own a Mac neither an iPhone/iPad (I own a Nexus One), that was my only option 😀

So once I have the plataform I’m going to write the game for, I have to start developing the game itself, the first thing a game needs is a Game Engine, something that can handle the drawings of the elements, the update, the button touch etc..

As you may imagine it is a really hard work, so I needed an opensource and free engine to use with my game, and for android the best game engine available now is ANDENGINE.

AndegineAndengine Logo uses openGL and has almost all the functionalities you can need for developing any kind of game, it comes with a box2d extension so it is perfect for doing physics games (like Kill the zombies) or a simple run and jump game (like escape from husband)

The first versions of andengine were hosted at google code, using mercurial dcvs so thats why I chosed mercurial at bitbucket, now andengine switched to git so maybe next time I use git too. When working alone there almost no pain in any dcvs so you can choose whichever you want.


We have the game engine, the dcvs, the game story, the game design so next step is starting developing the games, sometimes is better that before developing the game, we have all the graphics and sounds, but in my case, I allways start coding to see that what I want to do is possible, and that I can finish the work (the main problem for indie developers is that we never finish our projects :D).

EclipseSo even I still don’t have the graphics/sounds, I start coding to see that is possible, what do I use for this? the well know developing application called ECLIPSE. Long time ago I hated eclipse, it used to take a lot of memory (and still does) and it was really slow, but now that I have a new machine I love it, I don’t know how could I develop all gloobus-preview, covergloobus and gloobus-flow just using gedit!!!!!! With eclipse I would saved a lot of time, cause it has an live compiler, so as you type, it checks that i will compile, it tells you the warnings, errors… and it doesn’t let you try to compile if he knows it will fail, I must assume it is really worth it!!!

So you people out there, give eclipse a chance I’m sure you will love it too. There are a lot of plugins for eclipse for doing any kind of development, web, c, c#, java, python I think there is no language that is not supported by eclipse.

Another thing I have installed in eclipse is the Mercurial plugin, this is really handy since I can commit, pull, push directly from right clicking in the eclipse project. What a wonderful world!


All the development I did for myself had a Turning Point, I’m pretty sure this happened to everyone almost once when doing a self-project.

What’s the turning point?

The turning point is when you see that your project can be done, but that you’ve already done the hard part, the thinking part, when you see that what’s left is a lot of work to end the project in a good way, with quality, that you now have a kind of prototype, but really far from finished.

At this point, something can happen, you get bored and your project lies in your computer forever, or, (and here comes the good part) you find something that gives you power to continue the project, and you’re excited in finishing it!

In Gloobus-Preview, the turning point was when I have a first version working, and I published it to the world, what made me keep working on that is that the people liked it, and that the people used it! it was a really nice! Gloobus-preview was used by more that a million of people and that made me very happy!!

In my current game (kill the zombies) the turning point was Jay S, I had the prototype but there was a lot of work to be done yet (weapons, effects, levels, upgrades, sounds, art) and I hadn’t as much time as I would like to work on the game, then I found Jay S at andengine forums (I spended a lot of time there to find solutions to my development problems :P) and he joined the team! He started helping me, but then he was a really important part in development, thanks to him the game kept going and now it is at two weeks from release!!

So my advice here, if you get stuck with your project, do something diferent to get you excited again about it!


Thats all for today, I’ll keep with this series in part 3, talking about graphics and sounds! I hope you enjoy it!



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